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A little cold rain never stops the kids from racing cyclocross. Thanks 423 Cycling for an awesome event in Abingdon!
One more day of racing tomorrow. Get back on your cross bike, the season isn’t over yet.

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2 weeks ago

Velocious Sport Racing
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2 weeks ago

Velocious Sport Racing
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Oops, forgot to post this here a few weeks ago...

Phew, we are finally done! … for the moment. The last two races of the NCCX Series as well as the finale for the team’s 2019 program took place in Gibsonville, NC at Northeast Park. We had perfect conditions, cold but dry and a bit windy, with a couple of slick spots on a rolling and very fast course (that was immensely fun to ride, btw). Thanks to the NCCX crew for another superb season of cyclocross racing in North Carolina!

Saturday Results:

3rd Will Zylstra 13-13

6th Trevor Childs 15-18

11th Matthew Salazar Garcia 15-18

7th Kristen Haynes W3/4

7th Jacob Bernas Cat 3

1st Coach Singlespeed

Sunday Results:

5th Will Zylstra 13-14

8th Trevor Childs 15-18

10th Jacob Bernas Cat 3

1st Coach Singlespeed

NCCX Series Results 2019:

12th Mario Quivera 9-12

14th Fox Hamblen 9-12

19th Lucius Hamblen 9-12

3rd Will Zylstra 13-14

4th Trevor Childs 15-18

14th David Davenport 15-18

16th Matthew Salazar Garcia 15-18

21st Niko Salazar Garcia 15-18

22nd David Davenport 4/5

23rd Jacob Bernas 4/5 – upgraded to 3 mid season

122nd Matthew Salazar Garcia 4/5

11th Kristen Haynes W4/5 – upgraded to 4 mid season

13th Will Hardin Cat 3 – upgraded to 2 mid season

19th Jacob Bernas Cat 3

27th Niko Salazar Garcia Cat 3

10th Wes Haggstrom Pro ½

41st Will Hardin Pro ½

1st Coach Singlegear

Check pics for a look at the 2020 Road/Cyclocross/MTB uniform and the BMX jersey:

Big news! We picked up another BMX Pro. But, he’ll be racing the track for us in 2020. Brady Kincheloe joins VS in his bid to make the Olympic track team, woohoo!

Welcome to the team Brady.

And, that’s it for the 2019 season! Thank you all for being team partners and helping these young people get to bike races. They are physically progressing and learning a lot about racing and teamwork, as well growing as individuals. We appreciate your support!

- And, after that short break, it’s back to racing. We are heading to Abingdon, VA, Jan 4-5 for the 423 Cycling Wintercross. Just going to get a little jump on the road season and have one more fun weekend in the dirt/mud!

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Fantastic racing this past week by the team!

It started with the Triad Crit Series at Dixie. We had a huge showing in the C Race. From the Junior team: David Davenport, Wes Haggstrom, and the Salazar Garcia’s Elizabeth, Niko, and Matthew; as well as u23 riders, Jake Grimes and Mikki Whittington. Jake attacked with about 10 laps to go and had a 15 second advantage over the group which was being patrolled by Niko, David, and Wes. While the field chased furiously, he held his gap to the line and took the C Race win with Wes 5th and David 8th!

Some race videos here:
And the finish here:

The juniors then helped run the kid’s race, following behind to make sure no riders warming up on the course interfered with their race.

Later in the evening Will Hardin put in a tremendous effort at the front of the A Race to take a solo victory. Our first A race win this season and our second win of the night! And, I didn’t get pics again because I was racing with him 😬 But, Zach Hosteler and I know exactly how much effort he put into that ride, ouch.

Back on the 20” wheel bikes, Kit Bjerk, Matthew Salazar Garcia, and Gus Hamblen did some BMX racing over the weekend at Powder Springs, GA and Tanglewood. At Tanglewood, Gus brought home his second trophy since graduating up from the balance bike category! 3rd on his big bike 👍🏼 Matthew snagged a 2nd in 13 expert at T’wood after a hard fought battle with road/cross teammate Wes Haggstrom (C-Yaa Factory Team for bmx racing). Kit brought home 2nd place on Saturday in Georgia at the USABMX National Series race! He followed that up with an 8th on Sunday after slipping on the gate in the cold rain, still a great result to make it to his main again in tough conditions and in the toughest category in amateur BMX.

Thanks for supporting these kids! Come watch them race on Tuesday nights at the Crit Series, Saturday’s at Tanglewood BMX, or at the WSCC on May 26th in Winston Salem.

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Hey everybody, a couple of updates from last week…
We recently picked up two new racers! Pic’s and a short bio below. The team raced the Triad Crit Series at the Herbalife plant and the NC State Series race at Tanglewood BMX.

Herbalife was a huge success this week. Peter Wallace grabbed the win in the C race with help from his junior teammates! At about 3 laps to go in the race, Niko and Wesley broke from the pack and strung out the field. They were caught with about a lap and a half to go but the move set up Peter perfectly for the sprint.

Zach and Marcel raced the A’s and Marcel was able to pull off 2nd place!

Later in the week we hit the BMX bikes for the State Series race in Tanglewood Park at the BEST track in North Carolina, Tanglewood BMX (totally unbiased opinion😉).

Kit Bjerk took the win in 17-20 expert, Niko Salazar Garcia won the 15 expert, and Matthew Salazar Garcia was 2nd in 13 expert! Gus Hamblen also picked up 3rd in 5 novice.

Now the new riders, David Davenport and Jake Grimes!
My name is David Davenport. I have been riding with the purpose of improving for about a year. My main goal is to be the best, not just in cycling. I want to improve and meet new people. My goal for this year is to gain around 30 watts on my FTP, so I can move up in categories, before the end of the summer/fall. I am currently 15 years old; born on May 19, 2002, in Winston-Salem, NC

My name is Jake Grimes, I am a Sophomore collegiate cyclist at Lees-McRae College. I was born on August 5, 1998 and I have been riding a bike ever since! I have raced 7 seasons of cross-country mountain biking, and I have shifted my focus completely to road racing. My big goal for this up-coming season is to reach a Category 3 upgrade by the end of the summer. I am currently a couple of starts away from my Category 4 upgrade.

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Spring Break

We’ve had little break in racing with the juniors being on spring break and going on vacation. But here are the highlights this week:

The kid’s race at Dixie is steadily growing each week. If you have any under 12 bike riders, or know of some, bring them out for a one lap race at the Triad Criterium Series!

Jacob Bernas was our only junior racer on Tuesday in the C race. He had a good ride and stuck around to watch Marcel in the A race. Hanging around to watch the Pro 1/2 riders is actually a very smart move. These kids can learn a lot about tactics (and suffering) by watching the upper category racers.

And, Marcel and Zach were putting on a fantastic show in the A race. The field was deep with pro cyclocross racers Travis Livermon, Kerry Werner, and Alex Ryan, plus a special visit from Wake Forest Alumnus and super fast California racer Dr Stephen Vogel. Zach and Marcel put in huge efforts to get away but it wasn’t to be as the pack came together for a field sprint in the last few laps.

Meanwhile, Kit Bjerk has been tearing up the local BMX scene at the Tanglewood and Burlington tracks. Kit is heading to Georgia in a few weeks for the USABMX National where he has a really good shot at more podium finishes!

We are racing BMX Monday night at Tanglewood and heading to the third round of the Triad Crit Series on Tuesday (Herbalife plant off Union Cross Rd at 6pm). Then, it’s back to T’wood on Friday and Saturday for our State Qualifier race. Details on the website and FB Tanglewood BMX.
Come on out and watch the team compete this week!
Crumley Roberts, Attorneys At Law National Cycling Center Ken’s Bike Shop

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Rock Hill BMX and the Love Valley Gravel Race

Kit Bjerk hit the Carolina National at Rock Hill BMX and raced Expert 17-20. This is an ultra competitive class with about 50 riders fighting for the win. Kit breezed through motos, quarters, and semis to make it to the Mains on Saturday and Sunday and picked up a 3rd and 6th in the 17-20 class!!! I think a move to A Pro is right around the corner this year. Big thanks to Potter Racing Products for getting our BMX jerseys done in time for the Carolina National! If you need BMX/downhill or pit jerseys MADE IN THE USA, talk to Doug!
Crumley Roberts, Attorneys At Law National Cycling Center
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Meanwhile, Peter Wallace was suffering in the muck at the Love Valley Gravel Race and the other u23 riders were at collegiate road races. Peter rode most of the race with Mother Team (Carolina Masters) member Emily Shields, working together to make it to the line in 3:24ish! As you can see, conditions were awesome! Mud, gravel, slippery pavement, mud, and gravel.
Crumley Roberts, Attorneys At Law National Cycling Center Ken’s Bike Shop

Peter mud running

Meanwhile, Peter Wallace was suffering in the muck at the Love Valley Gravel Race and the other u23 riders were at collegiate road races. Peter rode most of the race with Mother Team (Carolina Masters) member Emily Shields, working together to make it to the line in 3:24ish! As you can see, conditions were awesome! Mud, gravel, slippery pavement, mud, and gravel.Crumley Roberts, Attorneys At Law National Cycling Center Ken's Bike Shop

Posted by Velocious Sport Jr/u23 on Monday, March 26, 2018

Ace Again

March 21


The junior team raced at Ace Speedway one more time last week.

Why do we keep racing at Ace, it’s not a race series, it’s the only venue hosting races at the moment. We’ve lost a lot of good road and Criterium courses in North Carolina and there doesn’t seem to be anyone taking up the slack. Always remember to support your local race promoters!

Now, on to the fun stuff. The Salazar Garcia’s are well acquainted with Ace by now and know exactly how the race will play out. Their experience paid off, Niko and Matthew visited the podium again in first and third! — with Maria Salazar, Crumley Roberts, Attorneys At Law, National Cycling Center and Ken’s Bike Shop.

Bull City GP

Race report! The junior team raced the Bull City GP, at not Durham (?) but Ace Speedway on Sunday. Niko, Elizabeth, and Matthew Salazar Garcia joined Finn Hosey and Jacob Bernas for more laps of the now quite familiar speedway. The team did exceptionally well, taking the top three spots!

Niko and Jacob doubled up and raced the 4/5’s as well to get in some more fast training. It’s not easy riding in the senior category but that’s the point, they ride over their head a little and learn how to race with a larger faster group.

U23 rider Marcel Gutierrez teamed up with Senior rider Zach Hostetler for the 1/2 race and the pair made the big break of the day only to get caught shortly before the finish. Still, a good effort and great training.

Ace Race #2

February 5

The Velocious Sport Jr Team (Crumley Roberts, Attorneys At Law, @usnccws, Kensbikeshop) had a great day of racing Saturday, Niko Salazar Garcia won the Ace Speedway Criterium Series in the Juniors category! He was first on the day to secure the series omnium title after winning both events. Jacob Bernas was 3rd on the day and 3rd overall in the junior omnium.

Despite the freezing temps the guys doubled up and raced with the senior 4/5’s where u23 rider Peter Wallace led out the sprint and hung on for 4th, while Niko was 5th. It’s been a good start to the road season! Big thanks to Triangle Velo for the racing.

Learning how to cope with cold weather is not easy but thanks to some warm Rouler Sportswear fleece jerseys and leg warmers, everyone was well prepared.

Cold Rainy Weekend Ahead… Let’s ride in the mountains!

Forecast is nasty for this weekend. Why not hit the studios and try out the new Zwift mountain course!   and the route on strava

New climb is 1200 feet over 6 miles at a 3.8% average grade with a descent of 1200 feet in 3.7 miles at a 6.1% average grade. I assume you can do it in reverse and ride the steep climb but I haven’t tried yet. Off to ride the mountain now!
Edit- confirmed, you can ride it the steep direction! Woohoo!

Vid below: