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The $100/mo plan is perfect for those looking to only ride outdoors and who don’t need everyday feedback on their rides or self sufficient elite level riders who don’t live close enough to Winston Salem to take advantage of the studio rides.

The mid tier plan is a great option and what I recommend to riders who live around Winston Salem. With that coaching plan you get four 1 hour indoor rides per month at the studio. This allows us a good opportunity to do some very specific interval rides and go over the results of your ride directly after you finish. You also get more contact with me and input about your rides. This is a great plan for new racers who need to learn how to train effectively and follow a plan. Check the indoor ride schedule for available times.

The “Shields Twins” plan is best for those who want constant feedback about their rides and are looking to talk to me almost every day. Like the Shields girls! This works extremely well for high level racers trying to win big (Like Em and Kath) or those that just like to talk about their training. You also get eight indoor rides a month with this plan. Check the indoor ride schedule for available times.