Cyclocross Practice

Even though we have a very reduced calendar of events for the 2020 cyclocross season, it’s a great time to be off road and playing in the mud! Velocious Sport can set you up with a custom training plan to evolve your skills and bump up your fitness ahead of the Road/MTB/Track/BMX season. One on one outdoor training and skills rides are available with our coaches and team riders. Check out our cyclocross training YouTube videos in the sidebar!

Join us on Zwift Tuesday Nights at 7:15

Need a quick 30minute workout during the week? Get on your bike and meet us on Zwift!

We have been running the Velocious Sport Tue Night Crit on Zwift for several years. Two laps on the Wattopia “Flat” loop for a 20km/12mi race. All categories start together and the pace is usually hot right off the line before settling in as groups form among the 100-200 entrants each week. It’s not quite flat but the two longer hills only take 10-20 seconds to get over and the pace is much higher in a group, so, solo breaks do not have much chance of making it. It makes for aggressive racing and many times a small group of 5-10 riders come to the finish together. But, you have to stay smart to not burn up too much energy before the last kilometer.

We broadcast the race live on facebook, with the virtual camera following VS team members to catch action across all categories.