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Velocious Sport Jr/u23

We've had a very strong start to our cyclocross season!

It began with UCI GoCross in Roanoke, Virginia, two days in the heat on probably the best course we've been on in a few years. The temp's were in the 90's but the promoters organized the showers and pool at the park to be open to racers... so appreciated. Best post race swim we've ever had, that's for sure. Another amazing piece of the weekend was seeing the Bandit's car at our hotel, just days before the passing of Burt Reynolds. This is definitely a race to attend next year, to race or spectate, if you missed it this time around. Great atmosphere and the promoters are some of the best.

Day 1 Results:
14th Wesley Haggstrom Men's 1/2/3
12th Will Zylstra Jr 9-14
24th Fox Hamblen Jr 9-14
26th Lucius Hamblen Jr 9-14
6th Matthew Salazar Garcia Jr 15-18
8th Jacob Bernas Jr 15-18
13th David Davenport Jr 15-18

Day 2 Results:
39th David Davenport Cat 4/5 Men
6th Will Zylstra Jr 9-14
19th Fox Hamblen Jr 9-14
23rd Lucius Hamblen Jr 9-14
7th David Davenport Jr 15-18
8th Matthew Salazar Garcia Jr 15-18
16th Wesley Haggstrom Men's 1/2/3

Next up was the Berger Hardware Bikes Cross Central Series in eastern NC. Several team riders have been hitting the series and getting great results.
BHB Spring Hill Day 1
6th Will Zylstra Jr 13-14

BHB Spring Hill Day 2
6th Will Zylstra Jr 13-14

BHB Briar Chapel
7th Will Zylstra Jr 13-14

BHB Spring Hill
1st Wes Haggstrom Men 3/4

BHB Quay Cross
8th Wes Haggstrom Men Pro1-3

You can catch the team at any NCCyclocross race Oct-Dec and at the new Triad CX Series brought to you by us and the WSCX crew, at the Kudzu Cross course downtown. See the attached flyer.

While the juniors have been busy with cyclocross Kit Bjerk has been back at it on the bmx bike, having mostly recovered from his shoulder injury. Kit picked up 3rd place in the Pro Am at Hornets Nest BMX in Charlotte during the State Championships, racing against some of the top pro's in the country. Kit also took the win in 17-20 expert and sealed the State Title! Kit has also been volunteer coaching at Tanglewood BMX with the BMX League beginner rider program. This is providing him with a lot of practice for his upcoming role as the VS BMX team manager. We are looking forward to a podium filled 2019 season on the USABMX National circuit.
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Velocious Sport Jr/u23

Road season is done! On to cyclocross

But, first...
Welcome new Velocious Sport team members Will Zylstra and Mario Quivera! Will is 11 and starting cyclocross this fall after three years of racing BMX. Mario is 10 and races any bike he can get his hands on, he is also looking forward to the cyclocross season. Both of these guys did our cyclocross camp in Banner Elk a few weeks ago with Kerry Werner and Emily Shields. They showed some serious talent there!

We finished up the Triad Criterium series last weekend with a lot of racing on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a double header at the Herbalife plant and most of the kids raced two junior races as well as doing one of the 4/5 events. The first Jr race of the day ended with a 3 person breakaway, which was won by Wes Haggstrom with David Davenport 2nd in 14-18, joined by fellow break companion Rebecca Kefer in 3rd. Niko Salazar Garcia was 4th, Jacob Bernas 5th, Matthew Salazar Garcia 7th, and Elizabeth Salazar Garcia 8th. The 9-13 race was a tight battle between Corben Burford and new Velocious Sport team member Mario Quivera. Corban came out on top and Mario was second with Fox Hamblen in 3rd to round out the podium.

The junior races were composed of probably 95% Forsyth County residents! We have a lot of junior racers in the area. Now we just need to get all the NC/SC/VA racers traveling to the same events so we have big fields. Road racing is not dead! it's just sleepy 🙂 Video of morning race start below.


The next race was the 4/5's, David was 7th and Niko 12th.

Then came the rain! A big storm blew through the area and stopped racing for 30min while we waited out the lightning. Races got under way in wet, drizzly conditions.

CJ Burford quickly pulled away to a healthy lead while David and Wesley chased behind and the field was obliterated and chasing in ones and twos. CJ grabbed the win and Velocious Sport teammtes David and Wes ended the race in 2nd and 3rd. Jacob Bernas brought home 4th place while Elizabeth Salazar Garcia was 5th, and Matthew Salazar Garcia 6th. Unfortunately, Niko had a big high side crash after sliding in a wet turn before hitting dry pavement and catapulting across the road. I won't share the pics but he ended the day with 22 stitches in his knee! Ouch. The 9-13 race was won by Corban again, Fox was 3rd, and little bro Lucius Hamblen 4th in his first official USAC race!

The following days race was held at the Dixie Fairgrounds. The final race of the series and the end of our road season at long last. The kids decided to stick to one race today after doing 3 races in a row on Saturday. Good choice, as the heat kicked up and we lost the clouds for a sunny hot day at the fairgrounds track. The race played out very similarly to the previous one with CJ taking off solo and David/Wes chasing. CJ took a well deserved win,Velocious Sport had David 2nd and Wes 3rd. Jacob rolled in for 4th, Matthew 5th, and Elizabeth 6th. The 9-13 race had a new face and winner in Jake Alder, Corban Burford was 2nd, and Velocious Sport rider Mario Quivera 3rd. Fox and Lucius ended up 5th and 6th. Impressively, Elizabeth won the overall Triad Criterium Series for the Women 4/5!

The series results after 6 months of racing:

1st Elizabeth Salazar Garcia - Women 4/5
11th David Davenport - Men 4/5
13th Wesley Haggstrom - Men 4/5
24th Niko Salazar Garcia - Men 4/5
41st Matthew Salazar Garcia - Men 4/5
43rd Wesley Haggstrom - Men 3/4

Good news for our BMX Team!!! We are talking to a US based bike sponsor and a US based component manufacturer! Plans for a 5 rider team next year with Kit Bjerk running the program, joined by High Point University Professor and Expert 26-35 racer Braden Romer. They are in discussions with 3 young riders to complete the squad and plan on hitting USABMX Nationals all over the country in 2019! Kit appeared in Pull magazine yet again with a pic of him racing the East Coast National in Connecticut. This was a trip I went on too and I can vouch for the racing in the 17-20 class being the best of the day. Kit had great results up there, video links below:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGxHohChmtM Kit racing at 1:01:19

www.youtube.com/watch?v=07qn1X0DJJo Kit racing at 59:55

www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyiDFrlpvg4 Kit racing at 11:33. Leading until the guy in 2nd decided he needed to be in the exact same spot as Kit coming INTO turn 3 Not sure how he got away with that one...

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Velocious Sport Jr/u23

We took the team up to western Maryland for the USAC Road National Championships last week! For some, it was their first time at a USAC National Championship and a new experience. The first race was the Time Trial in Boonsboro (which has a really nice coffee shop called Stone Werks, with incredible muffins, btw).

The day before the TT, we pre-rode the course in the rain. I followed in the van while the kids did some openers and got a feel for the terrain. The course was rolling but fast and would certainly require a high power output and superior aerodynamics to get a good result.

The following day Will went off bright and early at 7:30am.

Will was 26th in the end and happy to be finished with day one of three races in four days. We hit the coffee shop for some treats while the dudes warmed up under the tent.

Next up was the 15-16 group with David Davenport, Jacob Bernas, and Niko Salazar Garcia. These guys had never done a time trail before and they were in for a real treat:-D. After a solid warm up on the trainers, the guys were off for 20km of undulating roads. We had a few donated old school time trail bikes (thanks Grace Fleury!) with a mix of wheels from my days as a junior and cyclocross racer and a disc/zipp I picked up days before the race... not modern equipment but it made it through the entire race (except Niko's chain, which the Aevolo team switched out 1min before his start. Thanks Mike Creed and Vince Gee for the chain and install and for letting me use that prized Shimano CN-TL32 chain tool!)


The guys quickly picked up on the skills required for time trails and will be back next year with way more knowledge and better prep!

Last off was Wesley Haggstrom in the 13-14 race. He put in a great effort with the by now windy conditions to take 17th, 3rd among 13 year olds.

Will did the road race on friday with the u23's huge field through thunderstorms and windy conditions. He had a bit of a fall but managed to get up and put himself back into action, unfortunately taking him out of contention but he still managed to place 67th.

Scrub it, kook! www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7d03h0baK4

Wes's road race Saturday went awry as well, with a crash taking him down before the finish. He got up and caught back to the group but was smoked from the effort and could only put himself into 14th place. 3rd again among 13 year old riders.

Will was way too battered and sore for the criterium on Sunday but he gave it a go. Only, it didn't go well and he struggled to finish in 59th place. Still, just finishing the super fast criterium was hard enough, even without being beat up from crashing in the road race. Sometimes putting in that effort just to get to the line is tougher than actually racing.

The crit went a bit better for Wes. He came in 12th and was the first 13 year old!

We'll back at Nationals next year and the guys will have a much better understanding on what is required to perform at that level, both physically and mentally. Meantime, this fall and winter we'll work hard on the training and on procuring more aero bikes/wheels for the TT.

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Velocious Sport Jr/u23

While the juniors have been plugging away at training for the time trial at Nationals later this month, the u23 team went up to Wisconsin for a week of racing at the Tour of America's Dairyland. Huge thanks to Jenna and Joe Carpisassi for hosting the kids and keeping them on track during their stay!

Mounted up in the NCC van, Mikki Whittington, Marcel Gutierrez, and Will Hardin hit the road for the journey north. Thanks to the National Cycling Center for the use of their Sprinter van, it made the trip so much more comfortable and easy.
Check van pic.

The trip was a huge success. Not in race results but in experience gained and eyes opened to the unbelievably difficult world of Pro bike racing. Racing seven days in a row is an exercise in patience, you have to relax and and take each day as it comes. Putting too much effort into a single day can have a ripple effect and ruin the next few days races. Good recovery is key, proper rest as well as nutrition is necessary after each event. As staying focused and motivated for all the races can be challenging the team had to rely on each other for support, so keeping it fun is always a plus.
Check van2 pic.

Next up, we have the Jiggawatt Crit this weekend and the National Championships in just a few weeks!

Check out the ToAD race reports and pics from the team here: www.velocious-sport.com/u23-toad/

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Velocious Sport Jr/u23

Big news, we ordered a bunch of Lezyne GPS computers and HR monitor straps for the team. It's time for some structured training before the National Championships in late July! Since we have turned to training and racing outside this spring we lost some of our focus. Getting the computers and HR monitors will put us back in touch with purposeful training.

We sent Wesley, Nico, Jacob, and Matthew to the Mayodan MTB race last week. The kids all did great with Wes taking the junior win! We may be able to convince him to hit the Jr MTB nationals in Snowshoe shortly before the road nationals in Baltimore... we'll see, he has a lot of focus on the road jerseys right now! We plan on sending the older juniors up for the time trial, while Wes will do the Crit/TT/RR, and Will Hardin will race the u23 RR/TT.

We did a few Dixie and Herbalife races too. The kids have been doubling up most weeks, doing the C and B races, where Jake Grimes grabbed 2nd in the B race and Wesley was 10th

And,check out our team partner/sponsor Jason Williams, who took 3rd last Tuesday night at Dixie!
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Fantastic racing this past week by the team!

It started with the Triad Crit Series at Dixie. We had a huge showing in the C Race. From the Junior team: David Davenport, Wes Haggstrom, and the Salazar Garcia’s Elizabeth, Niko, and Matthew; as well as u23 riders, Jake Grimes and Mikki Whittington. Jake attacked with about 10 laps to go and had a 15 second advantage over the group which was being patrolled by Niko, David, and Wes. While the field chased furiously, he held his gap to the line and took the C Race win with Wes 5th and David 8th!

Some race videos here:
And the finish here:

The juniors then helped run the kid’s race, following behind to make sure no riders warming up on the course interfered with their race.

Later in the evening Will Hardin put in a tremendous effort at the front of the A Race to take a solo victory. Our first A race win this season and our second win of the night! And, I didn’t get pics again because I was racing with him 😬 But, Zach Hosteler and I know exactly how much effort he put into that ride, ouch.

Back on the 20” wheel bikes, Kit Bjerk, Matthew Salazar Garcia, and Gus Hamblen did some BMX racing over the weekend at Powder Springs, GA and Tanglewood. At Tanglewood, Gus brought home his second trophy since graduating up from the balance bike category! 3rd on his big bike 👍🏼 Matthew snagged a 2nd in 13 expert at T’wood after a hard fought battle with road/cross teammate Wes Haggstrom (C-Yaa Factory Team for bmx racing). Kit brought home 2nd place on Saturday in Georgia at the USABMX National Series race! He followed that up with an 8th on Sunday after slipping on the gate in the cold rain, still a great result to make it to his main again in tough conditions and in the toughest category in amateur BMX.

Thanks for supporting these kids! Come watch them race on Tuesday nights at the Crit Series, Saturday’s at Tanglewood BMX, or at the WSCC on May 26th in Winston Salem.

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Hey everybody, a couple of updates from last week…
We recently picked up two new racers! Pic’s and a short bio below. The team raced the Triad Crit Series at the Herbalife plant and the NC State Series race at Tanglewood BMX.

Herbalife was a huge success this week. Peter Wallace grabbed the win in the C race with help from his junior teammates! At about 3 laps to go in the race, Niko and Wesley broke from the pack and strung out the field. They were caught with about a lap and a half to go but the move set up Peter perfectly for the sprint.

Zach and Marcel raced the A’s and Marcel was able to pull off 2nd place!

Later in the week we hit the BMX bikes for the State Series race in Tanglewood Park at the BEST track in North Carolina, Tanglewood BMX (totally unbiased opinion😉).

Kit Bjerk took the win in 17-20 expert, Niko Salazar Garcia won the 15 expert, and Matthew Salazar Garcia was 2nd in 13 expert! Gus Hamblen also picked up 3rd in 5 novice.

Now the new riders, David Davenport and Jake Grimes!
My name is David Davenport. I have been riding with the purpose of improving for about a year. My main goal is to be the best, not just in cycling. I want to improve and meet new people. My goal for this year is to gain around 30 watts on my FTP, so I can move up in categories, before the end of the summer/fall. I am currently 15 years old; born on May 19, 2002, in Winston-Salem, NC

My name is Jake Grimes, I am a Sophomore collegiate cyclist at Lees-McRae College. I was born on August 5, 1998 and I have been riding a bike ever since! I have raced 7 seasons of cross-country mountain biking, and I have shifted my focus completely to road racing. My big goal for this up-coming season is to reach a Category 3 upgrade by the end of the summer. I am currently a couple of starts away from my Category 4 upgrade.

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Spring Break

We’ve had little break in racing with the juniors being on spring break and going on vacation. But here are the highlights this week:

The kid’s race at Dixie is steadily growing each week. If you have any under 12 bike riders, or know of some, bring them out for a one lap race at the Triad Criterium Series!

Jacob Bernas was our only junior racer on Tuesday in the C race. He had a good ride and stuck around to watch Marcel in the A race. Hanging around to watch the Pro 1/2 riders is actually a very smart move. These kids can learn a lot about tactics (and suffering) by watching the upper category racers.

And, Marcel and Zach were putting on a fantastic show in the A race. The field was deep with pro cyclocross racers Travis Livermon, Kerry Werner, and Alex Ryan, plus a special visit from Wake Forest Alumnus and super fast California racer Dr Stephen Vogel. Zach and Marcel put in huge efforts to get away but it wasn’t to be as the pack came together for a field sprint in the last few laps.

Meanwhile, Kit Bjerk has been tearing up the local BMX scene at the Tanglewood and Burlington tracks. Kit is heading to Georgia in a few weeks for the USABMX National where he has a really good shot at more podium finishes!

We are racing BMX Monday night at Tanglewood and heading to the third round of the Triad Crit Series on Tuesday (Herbalife plant off Union Cross Rd at 6pm). Then, it’s back to T’wood on Friday and Saturday for our State Qualifier race. Details on the website http://www.usabmx.com/tracks/1906/events/schedule?mode=list and FB Tanglewood BMX.
Come on out and watch the team compete this week!
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