Race recap of Velocious Sport Tuesday night criterium (7/22/20):
The clock countdown reached 0:00 and the riders shot out of the holding area. There was a great turnout for the race as the blob was about 100 strong. Velocious riders included Katherine Shields, Zach Hostetler, Coach Jon, and the Hamblen trio- Fox, Lucius, and Gus. Local Wake Forest rider Esteban Murillo was also in the race. As with all Zwift races, the race was full gas from the gun as the riders fought to stay towards the front of the pack. The flat route of Watopia has two “bumps” that often split the group. Coach Jon, Zach, and Esteban made the front split in the opening minutes of the race. The average speed for the first 5 minutes was 30 mph! Coming out of the tunnel, the first attack from the group came from none other than Coach (they don’t call it a training race for nothing). The dig required Zach and Esteban to hold 4.5 w/kg for the next several minutes to control the field. Katherine, Lucius and Fox were in the next group on the road close behind the leaders. The lead group dwindled down to 15 riders after the second hill coming into the final stretch of rollers on lap one. It was once again Coach driving the pace as Zach and Esteban conserved as much energy as they could in the field. Katherine put in an attack up the second hill and Lucius and Fox followed closely as the chase group thinned out. Fast forward to lap 2 of the race where the deciding moment came on the last hill after the sprint banner. The pace had steady increased in the closing miles and a full gas effort split the field. Coach Jon was in the front split and Zach was close behind but couldn’t quite stay with the small lead group. The final results had Jon in 6th, Zach in 9th, and Esteban aka “Steve” in 12th. VS riders Katherine, Fox (12 YO) and Lucius (only 10!!!) were also in the top half of a large field. The Hamblen trio are flying! Come join us next Tuesday at 7:15 pm EST for another exciting addition of the race!

Anthony Sciano’s race winning effort shown below. Good job Ant!!!

Thanks for the race report Zach Hostetler!

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Thanks to Bill Seitz for these pics from TONGA 1 two weeks ago!
The team did great in GA, the highlights being William Seitz making the break in the Pro 1-2 Crit, Will Hardin getting 9th in the TT, Wesley Haggstrom 6th in the 3-4 Crit and CR, David Davenport 7th in the CR, and Nico Salazar Garcia and Wesley making the early break in the 3-4 RR that almost made it all the way!

The four stage, three day race ended with a mixed bag of results but great efforts by our guys.
Pro 1-2 Overall
16th Will Hardin
20th William Seitz
3-4 Overall
6th Wesley Haggstrom
14th David Davenport
17th Jacob Bernas
18th Niko Salazar Garcia

The weekly criterium series is up and running here in Winston Salem. David snagged a 2nd place out there last week! The team will be back in action next Tuesday night for another Herbalife Criterium and back to GA later in the month for TONGA 2. Tonight we'll be on Zwift for another Velocious Sport Tues Night Crit! Get on Zwift and join us!

Also a few pics from a Tanglewood BMX race last month.

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Don’t forget to register for the Velocious Sport Tuesday Night Crit on Zwift! 7:15pm Eastern time.

The team will be racing along with some fast pro riders, we usually have 150-200 racers. 25-30min of suffering and fitness gains!!!

BMX riders, join us and show the road crowd how finish sprints are done!

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Don’t forget to register for the Velocious Sport Tuesday Night Crit this evening at 7:15 on Zwift. They moved the other races so we aren’t overlapping times now! Thanks Zwift

We will have a bunch of junior and u23 team riders racing, including track racer and BMX Pro @bradykincheloe !

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